Hump Day!

I took the day off today to hang with Geno and get new cable provider installed, which meant cleaning… blcch! ha ha! But cleaning always makes me pick things up and think about whether I really need them, so some things are going away.

Also in the process today, I found things behind the tv in the mess of wires, cables, and power cords that weren’t even connected to anything – sheesh! We’ve been in this house almost seven years, so who knows what, when, and how…

As I dusted, I picked up each book I’ve written to cast away some dust and I felt happy – there are eight of them – nine and ten are WIPs and I’m excited to get back to them. Still have some things to settle down so that I can have more ME time, but there’s hope…

The books reminded me to REMIND YOU that this weekend three of the eBooks are FREE! If YOU already have them and loved them, share them with a friend who doesn’t know me. WHO DOESN”T LIKE FREEBIES!?


The Face in the Mirror


Lulu’s Loves


As always, I end..

If you’re reading this, I love you, B

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