Another Saturday

…and I’m up early.

I woke up “hearing” some edits I need to make to the WIP I’m working on – After the Fall. That got me emotional. This story goes deeper for me than any I’ve written. And then I started thinking about the day. Bittersweet. I’m going this morning to share some thoughts, and say some words at a friend of mine’s mother’s funeral. She passed a while back, but her birthday is tomorrow (I THINK) and Kristen decided to have a CELEBRATION OF LIFE. She would have been 95.

When I was writing “Lulu’s Loves,” I had a deep conversation with Frenchie – if you could have known her, you would see how a sassy name like French (Frenchie for fun) fit her. We were at a Christmas gathering and I was new to the job I had then and knew only a few people at the event. (There’s a fine line for me between E/I for me. If I’m in a group of people I know – I AM A FLAMING EXTROVERT. That night, the INTROVERT that lives in my body was raging. I saw Frenchie and we took a walk and talked about everything. At 93 at the time, she was sharp and full of thoughts and conversation on a lot of subjects. She was interesting, engaging, and fun. During the walk, my writing came into the conversation and she shared some very insightful thoughts on that subject.

When I was doing my acknowledgements for “Lulu,” I wrote about that evening with her, and Kristen asked me to share that at the gathering today. I was rereading what I wrote and Alis was there too. Alis is always there, but today it’s as though she was giving me the push to be confident as I speak (the EXTROVERT will be there today because the room will be filled with many people I know).

As I’m typing this, there’s a breeze blowing outside – I only know this because the wind chime I hung a couple of weeks ago on the front porch is softly sharing a melody with me – peaceful and calm. I needed that this morning.

Pray for Kristen and her friends today as we say  “au revour mon ami” to Frenchie.

If you are reading this… I love you.  B

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