He’s making a comeback…

We’re timeless

We’re unaffected by change

We’re eternal 

A love for all time

A secret

A treasure

We’re timeless

We’re unaffected by change

We’re eternal

A gift

It’s eternal

It’s ageless

We’re timeless

We’re unaffected by change

We’re eternal

There’s no beginning

There can be no end

We’re timeless

We’re unaffected by change

We’re eternal…


Hello dear friends,

Andy – yes THAT Andy – Andy Stevens has shared a story with me. He’s told me all kinds of things that hadn’t been part of Bethy or Carlee’s journey. He’s coming to terms with a slew of emotions, memories, thoughts, and mistakes…

We aren’t quite ready to share more than this, YET.

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve embarked on another journey (see how I keep slipping that in!) with him.  Gene approves! 🙂

Be well and remember, if you are reading this… I love you!


Count it ALL Joy…

Greetings my friends…

I’m continuing with the “joy theme” from the other day. We have made a lot of progress going through things and DOWN SIZING our “stuff!” Sometimes, it’s a struggle. I’m going through books. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW HARD THAT IS?! 🙂

I found several books that my sweet Mama thought I’d enjoy. Holistic and plant medicine for one. I looked inside the cover and she’d written how much she thought I’d enjoy it. I put it down. I picked it up. I put it down… You get the picture… DOES IT BRING ME JOY? The REAL, HONEST ANSWER… Only her words, the hand writing and the “Love, Mom” gave me that joy. Someone else may pick it up and be so excited to read about that… I put it in the box… And then I felt guilty. But in the end, I knew I’d never go any further than her words. She gave it to me in 2000 and that’s as far as I’ve ever gotten…

I read an article on joyful downsizing – that wasn’t the title and I can’t find it again, but that’s the gist of it… It said you can’t do a room at a time. You take “like items” and pile them up and go through the pile. OMG – WTH has time to do that? I decided that we will tackle the most DAUNTING first! (Do it your way). We’ll continue with the office and move to another room when we’re done in there! We may need a new shredder after this! ha ha! #Enronshreddinginprocess! ha ha ha!

I’m trying…

I was a Jeweler with Premier Designs for several years and “COUNT IT ALL JOY” was something that stuck with me, so That’s how I’m looking at this process!

On another note – things that bring me joy…

Lulu is telling me that she has some things to tell me for her story… I’m off to edit!

Love to all, B