Feel Like Makin’ Love


Feel Like Makin’ Love ~ Book Three (the Finale) in the Rock and Roll Trilogy  (10/2013)
Thank you Jeff Robin Manalo for my beautiful cover!


Just a little tease…

He remembered the feel of her and suddenly, he felt that warm, soft breeze and knew she was with him.

I always know when you’re with me; I feel it. Sometimes I see you when I look at Carlee, but I know it’s not her I feel – it’s you, and I want to reach out and touch you one more time. I remember L.A. so many years ago when God brought you back to me. And I can feel you in my arms each time I held you after that.

He felt a lump in his throat thinking of their time together, thinking of them.

I never knew what I was missing until you were gone… I dream of holding you in my arms, loving you every way we did and every way I should have, but I know I dream dreams that can never again happen. I know you aren’t coming back, and I’ve tried to move on… 


Decided to share just a tease….

I’ve removed the names so that you don’t know who…


~ ~ ~

…just a mess of hair that looked like she’d already participated in a wild night of sex. Satisfied with the look, she applied her makeup, giving a smoky look to her eyes and took some of his cologne and added a light spray just between her breasts, so she could smell it.

She lifted her left leg onto the counter and rubbed lotion from her toes to her thigh. She lowered it and sat still a moment before applying the lotion to her torso, rubbing seductively from her neck to her breasts and lower. Finally she put her right leg up and applied the lotion. A brush of red lipstick across her lips, and a shiver went up her spine thinking about later.

Oh my god, I’m a tease and I’m getting myself all worked up. She smiled at the reflection in the mirror and slowly rose from the stool. She knew he’d been watching her so she stretched her naked body and turned to look over her shoulder in the mirror at her reflection from behind. She moved into the closet where he could no longer see her.

Geezus, she’s killing me, and I think she knows it, he thought and stepped one step into the room so he could hear her.

She slipped on the tiniest white lacy panties, the tallest black heels, one of his white shirts, and nothing else. She tousled her hair again, took a deep breath and slowly made her way out of the closet and stood in front of the mirror. Happy with what she saw, she turned and found him coming around the corner.

“Damn, I can’t take it anymore. Who are you?” he asked again with a laugh bordering on a wolf’s growl and she shivered.

“Someone who appreciates life and cherishes every moment. You can kiss me, but you still can’t touch,” she said, but as he leaned to kiss her, he couldn’t stop himself. His hands went to her cheeks drawing her close, and as he allowed them to run through her hair he felt her nipples harden and her breath come in pants. As he pulled her closer she felt him and pulled away.


She turned to walk away and with each step she took he felt like he was loosing his mind. He’d lit candles. The music was playing and he had two glasses ready to pour their wine. As he did, she sat on the sofa and crossed her legs and again he thought he’d loose it right then……………..


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  1. Rosalind Malfense-Fierro says:

    Andy and Geni?

  2. JMac says:

    OH MY!!!!!!!! holy moly woman-Im all bothered!!!!!! You are killing us-LOL and my dad would be proud of you, HA!

  3. Susan Bevins says:

    Lord girl you are killing us so hurry up and get done with that book.

  4. Susan Bevins says:

    Ok that is enough you are killing us. You have a good 4th love ya

  5. Kim Sowards says:

    I think it is Andy. Which I miss by the way.

  6. Jacqueline Adams says:

    Yes you are killing us SO PLEASE HURRY UP ALREADY

  7. barbarastewart says:

    I love these messages… ha ha!

  8. Barbara Riggins says:

    Ahhhhhh man…..really that’s all your giving us. He’s loosing it….we’re loosing it. This is like a Heinz ketchup bottle….Anticipation!!!!!

  9. Heike says:

    Andy is dreaming or remembering bethy…..

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