Lulu’s Loves

Lulu is headed to the Editor today….


It’s a journey through Louisa – Lulu – Welk’s  life and each ‘love’ that she experiences. She will learn different kinds of love and she will learn HOW to love. Some of the loves she experiences will be life long loves and some will be only part of her journey – her growing and living.  She will learn who she is, and she will know the answers to some of her questions…

Most importantly, she will learn about Lulu. She will experience moments in her journey that open her eyes to what’s really important.

“I realized tonight that what happened with us was part of growing. It was part of learning. It was part of us that we didn’t handle the best way we could. This is us getting a second chance – a chance to wake every day with a new opportunity to get it right. I want you to make love to me because I need you.”


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