Rock and Roll Never Forgets

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Where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic in Eleuthera, Bahamas
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rock and roll

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Rock and Roll Never Forgets ~ Book One in the Rock and Roll Trilogy (my heart!) (8/2012) is my second publication, but my first book.


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Beth Morgan is a young woman who’s just been given the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to meet her favorite band, Traveler. That meeting leads to a chance encounter with her idol, the band’s lead singer, Andy Stevens. What follows is a love story. A journey through the peaks, valleys and trials of a relationship lived in the public eye; the miles they traveled together through his career in the music business, and her struggles to stay obscure in a world she never really settled into comfortably. In the end it’s all about love, fate, and what the heart can’t hold back.

I fell in love with Andy and Beth in 2003 and am so happy to finally share them with you!

Rock and Roll Never Forgets is Book one of my Rock and Roll Trilogy. Book two, When I Look to the Sky is now available on


This is the first Meet the Author event for me. January 23,2013 at the Black Horse Winery in Orange Park, FL. It was a great learning experience and I met some interesting people, some already doing what I’m doing, some experimenting, and some who came to support their friends.

The first step is always the hardest! 🙂  Now I’m ready for the next one!

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Authors: Chris Hejmanowski, M.D., Barbara Stewart, Robin Montesano, M.S., and Mary Jane Hayes ~ Photos courtesy Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette




16 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Never Forgets

  1. Geni Hall says:

    Like you I fell in love with Bethy and Andy from the very first time I read it!
    You told me you were adjusting the story and it’s even better now!!
    Barbara is the best writer–I’ll read anything she writes!!
    AWESOME Books and can’t wait for the next one in the trilogy!!

  2. Kay Haneklau says:

    This book was one of best and the biggest tear jerker I have ever read. it was just amazing. the ending was heart wrenching though.

    • barbarastewart says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I can’t tell you how many times I cried over this book in the last TEN years!

  3. Becky says:

    When do you expect the next book to come out.

  4. Mary Haskins Dicks says:

    Thank you so much for Rock and Roll Never Forgets. It was an emotional read and I really loved it. I look forward to the next one. I am a fan!

  5. barbarastewart says:

    Thank YOU for loving it!

  6. judy says:

    WOW thank you so much I have never cried so much ,I am in the middle of book 2, love the books, I just love andy any release date for book 3 cant wait must say i’m a fan

  7. Peggy says:

    Half way through R&RNF’s and the tissues are piling up. Love Bethy & Andy’s story so far. This book is awesome!!!

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