Sweet Surrender

January 2017

I DID go back and clean it up – new cover and better writing, but the story DID NOT CHANGE. It’s still a simple love story, just one that I feel better about sharing.




April 2015

I’m in the process of cleaning this one up and bringing Logan and Laney to life again…


April 2013

Dear Readers,

I just finished reading R&R again, because I needed to experience those feelings, as well as do some fact-checking. As I read, and as I’ve reread the words I typed that brought When I Look to the Sky to life (again and again), I saw how far I’ve come – others have told me that as well. I am proud of every mistake that taught me how to be a better writer, but…

I don’t want someone who read Boots, Rock & Roll, or WILTTS to go back and find Sweet Surrender and think – what the heck happened??? I love the story of Laney and Logan, but it’s a very rough ‘first’. I’ve thought about it, prayed about it, asked for advice, and decided to it make it unavailable. I want you to read the best I’ve got. If you already have it, (IT’S A COLLECTOR’S ITEM NOW! ha!)  I hope that you look past it’s rough-edges and fall in love with the story. Down the road, who knows… maybe I’ll clean it up and release it again, but for now… I feel very strongly that this was a good and right decision.

Sweet Surrender is her first published book (2/2012) and no longer available for Kindle download. She plans to re-love this book and re-release for Kindle in the near future – stay tuned!
The front of the book
Delaney Morris is a young woman afraid of commitment. Logan Stiles is a man determined to tear down the wall she has built around her heart, protecting it because of the volatile relationship her parents share. He patiently waits and chips away at the wall until a piece of her past is revealed that leads to the answers she needs to break through the wall completely.
Several of you have asked me if I left Sweet Surrender available anywhere. I appreciate you asking it is still live as a paperback through my publishing company:
Sweet Surrender was my first published book, and came from a challenge for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo ~ Nov 2011).

This is how I announced the new ‘chapter’ in my life:

To Sweet Surrender!



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  1. barbarastewart says:

    I haven’t looked in a while, but today I noticed that Sweet Surrender has some “new” reviews. I saw two 5 stars – what? I <3 this!

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