I read another post this morning from someone I follow on Facebook. The gist was SHUT UP AND LISTEN.


Whether you read them or hear them, interpretation is key. I remember one time I was working on something for work and I’d been using ALL CAPS. I forgot to turn it off when I replied to something else, and the receiver replied back – WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME? I called and laughed, said that I was sorry, I wasn’t yelling, and explained what I just said above. Her response: “I’m very sensitive to that!”

Really? We are too sensitive to too many things these days. I respect your beliefs, and your freedoms, but STOP AND LISTEN. HEAR WHAT “I’M” SAYING BEFORE YOU GET ALL “CRAY CRAY” – I don’t mean that just to my self – I mean it to everything that’s going on around us…

Look, here’s the thing… I’m too fat to walk on egg shells…

Sometimes someone writes a negative review or a comment on one of my books and my gut reaction is to reply to them – but I’ve learned to take it as FEEDBACK – NOT FAILURE. I tell myself that not everyone likes the same things – that some people want “more” and I’m not that person. I tell myself that I will be true to my heart in my writing. I do it for me. If you like it – that a BONUS!

(this isn’t about a certain review – it’s just a point)

But I digress…

I “hear” things sometimes too, and wonder if I’m being too sensitive – and then I remember who I am. I am a hard worker. I am a good person. I have a big’ol heart. I have strong ethics and values. I am a writer. I am a wife. I am a friend. I am strong-willed. I am independent. I am a woman. I am weak. I am tired.

I am all these things… But I am also someone who makes mistakes. When I do, I try to make them right. When someone else makes mistakes, I try to give them the opportunity to do the same – make things right. When they don’t, it makes me stumble and fall. Sometimes getting back up is a no-brainer, but sometimes the tumble is harder to recover from.

I will work harder on “me” to hear “you” before I react. I will work harder to understand what I think I heard before I reply. I will work harder to keep my heart off my sleeve and my emotions intact.

(My “I ams” and my “I wills” are part of daily affirmations that I’ve been trying to think about.)


All that said, what WORDS came to your mind as you read this? I’m curious to HEAR your thoughts.

If you’re reading this, I <3 you, B

Perspective – and buttons

Good morning lovelies!

Hope that everyone is starting their SONday off to a good beginning. I hope that you are able to do something you love, with SOMEONE YOU LOVE.

I’ve been home for a few days with some “issues” that all I’ll say, but it seems that we are on an upside!

I am easily bored (a good thing for those stories that pop in my head, but they haven’t been talking the last few days.)  While I’ve been home, I asked Gene to help RE-hang some pictures that weren’t where I wanted them and he was gracious to want to help.

I had another project that added some fun, and memories…

I was bored with our bedroom, but not ready to dole out a bunch of money when I don’t have a clue what I’d want. I ran out for a few minutes yesterday because Gene saw an outfit in the Belk sale flyer that he wanted me to have – I will say he has good taste because it’s really cute 🙂 but while I was in the store, I thought about – ONE FRIVOLOUS, NOT NEEDED thing, so I ran to bedding.

I found these adorable pillows and… they were on sale… and I had a coupon! WINNING! So I brought them home with me – just a subtle little change went a long way, but…

I woke up this morning thinking about buttons. If you read Sweet Surrender, you know that there was a button story and I decided to do some digging. You know how every time you buy a shirt, etc, they attach extra buttons – I went through those and some buttons that I’ve saved from Alis’s sewing box and this is what happened.


And then… I sewed buttons on one of the pillows:

   behind is one of the new pillows I bought. I found buttons that picked up the color scheme of the new pillows and this is what I ended up with.


Such a small thing made me so happy.

Sometimes that’s all it takes – one small thing to change your perspective.

That my focus right now – SMALL CHANGES. So many things in my life seem to need a tweak – small is doable and you can see almost instant results. Plus it keeps me occupied and away from the TV.

What’s a small change that you can make that will help you turn something little into something NEW?

I always love hearing from you!

If you’re reading this – I <3 you, B