Thank you!

Just a quick update on a great weekend this morning!

There were 7735 of the free downloads for SWEET SURRENDER over the weekend!

I broke into the TOP 100 list on Amazon at #80 and made it to #41!! (and #13 on the Contemporary Romance list!)

I had a new review and a LOT of new LIKES!

I appreciate all of you who helped share the information for the free download – there are now almost 20,000 of my book in circulation!

Oh! And I am making a plan to meet with “the guy” on the cover soon – September 1, 2012 is looking good for LAUNCH!

Thank you again for believing in me!

Love, Barbara


Worth repeating…..
In anticipation of my next publication – Rock and Roll Never Forgets, due to release Sept 2012, I am giving FREE DOWNLOADS of my first book – SWEET SURRENDER – Download free 8/18 – 8/19.
Check Amazon/Kindle and ENJOY!

Please SHARE.

Countdown to…..


Yesterday was a day of accomplishment!

The front cover has a few minor tweaks, but is basically complete and the more I look at it – the more I love it – it TRULY EMBODIES the journey of my story…

We took a few different paths on our way and each one got us closer, but yesterday got me THERE. I love it….. Gene does too, and I know this because the photo is lying on the dining room table and every time he walks by he stops, looks, and smiles…. THAT MAKES ME HAPPIER THAN I CAN EVEN EXPRESS! (And through this process I have a wonderful new friend…)

And now, I finally have a REAL vision of the back cover! It’s down to piecing it together for the final outcome. I CAN SEE IT… and it’s finally coming together. It’s coming to the 10… 9… 8… 7… stage!

I’ll keep you posted, but I’m pretty sure LIFTOFF will be in time for you to have a new book  READ over the Labor Day weekend….

I am so happy to share this experience with you…

Love, Barbara

PS – don’t forget, next weekend I am doing the FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD on SWEET SURRENDER…



In anticipation of my next publication – Rock and Roll Never Forgets, due to release Sept 2012, I am giving FREE DOWNLOADS of my first book – SWEET SURRENDERDownload free 8/18 – 8/19.
Watch Amazon/Kindle and ENJOY!

Please SHARE.

I’m excited for R&R to be ready!

Love ya’ll for sharing!

Baby got “back”…..

Greetings friends,
Been busy and haven’t had a chance to stop by to say ‘hey!’, so…. HEY!

Things are coming along and I should have a REAL time-line on Saturday for completion and upload! The cover thing set me back, but I think when I think about all that… I’m glad it did…

“The guy” is coming on Saturday with the ideas for the back cover and we’ll take it from there, so I will post on that after our visit.

This is an exciting time and I am happy for you to share it with me!

Love, Barbara

New chapters…..

Greetings world!

Today is a beautiful, special day and I’m excited to share a NEW CHAPTER with a good, good friend! Today my friend Wendy is marrying her love, Jason… I posted on her wall on FaceBook – ‘This is where your book begins…’ And as I think about those words I wonder…

Will something that happens today be a CHAPTER in a story that comes in the future? It’s kind of a joke now – when something fun happens, someone says “there’s a chapter there”! And my friend Melissa tagged me in a picture that said something like “Careful, you may end up in my next book”   🙂

I do keep notes on my notepad on my phone, so who knows! I love that thought! I’m working on a short-story, a suggestion to do for a Kindle download between Rock and Roll and book two to keep my name out there, and I have two friends reading it now – just to see if the story works – and I was discussing the ideas with one of them and the question came up, “was this YOUR experience?”

As I thought about my response, I visualized one of my dad’s breakfast concoctions… He threw stuff together and as ugly as it was sometimes – it was always the best tasting thing we ever ate – THAT’S WHERE MY STORIES COME FROM! I see, remember and gather from memories and my surroundings, and then I sprinkle my ideas through that and hope that whatever comes out is one of “the best tasting things” you’ve had in a while!


Well, I have some primping to do  – I’m going to a wedding y’all!!!

Be well, be blessed and be happy!

Love, Barbara


Another day…


I said in my post yesterday that the page numbers kicked my butt, but I KNEW someone knew how to help me… SHE FOUND ME! (Thank you @Dawn Z!) Now I need to hook up with her once more so she can show me exactly what she did so I NEVER GET HUNG UP ON THAT AGAIN!!! 🙂

I have the entire manuscript printed for Geno to just go back and double-check spacing, margins, etc… EASY-SCHMEASY!


With each step… my heart races a little faster…

Have a beautiful day friends!
Love, Barbara