Now I can get back to ‘real life’….

NaNoWriMo is done (for me) for another year! I submitted my 50K words this AM , 50115, but who’s counting? 🙂 It’s a great experience and I will do it again next year, and I WILL finish this book – The Face in the Mirror (so you can anticipate it)!

I’m now ready to complete the next one that I will be publishing – Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under – waiting on one last set of ‘eyeballs’, but picked up the second to last copy yesterday for edits and they are DONE – I LOVE ME CHALLENGERS!

Jeff is working on the cover and we have a rough draft complete! I am hoping for a FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD in time for the Christmas holiday (I say Christmas!). I’ll keep you posted.

Book Two of the Trilogy – When I Look to the Sky – is in my clean-up mode before I let any other eyeballs see it! And I did a fundraiser for OakLeaf Relay For Life, selling chances to be the first to read it and Jennifer Chretien Johannes won the honor! Hopefully mid January for her to read it!

Until next time…..

Love, Barbara



OakLeaf Relay For Life FUNdraiser event

I wanted to write this morning to tell you about a BEAUTIFUL event last evening and say some THANK YOUS to friends old and new.

My friends came together last night for my first ever BOOK CLUB as a FUNdraiser for OakLeaf (FL) Relay For Life 2013, and I am happy to tell you that we raised $155.00 in the fight against cancer. I’ve been touched by cancer in many ways and this cause has a special meaning to me. I want to thank Jennifer, Donna and Paula for a wonderful meal that went with some of the story line in the book, as well as BEAUTIFUL, and SPECIAL decorations. I also want to thank those who attended and helped make the evening a success, Lynda, Patty, Ashley. Jennifer, Chrissy, Lynne, Rhonda, Tessa, Robin and Crista. (I think I’ve got everyone.)

I’ve never attended a BOOK CLUB before so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but we talked, laughed and shared thoughts on Rock and Roll Never Forgets. I got some very valuable feedback and I think we all enjoyed learning how Andy and Bethy came in to my life. Thinking back on the experience I would have asked more questions, but for some reason I was nervous about it. (I am not the flaming “E” (extrovert) personality that people assume… 🙂 ha!)

I don’t want to give anything away here for someone who may read this who has not finished the book, but I loved the questions on names and how I chose them, (and I SWEAR that Andy came to me in the middle of the night!) I loved that we talked about how some of the story came about, sharing with you some of the “places” where the story came from and how it evolved. It’s been a piece of my heart for so long, but I wish now I’d anticipated the questions better so that I was more prepared. LESSONS LEARNED for next time….

One thing that I did ask the group was about the cover of the book. It was important to my cover designer (Jeff Manalo) as well as ME that the cover accomplished what we wanted. Everyone said they “got it” as they read the story and someone (forgive me for not remembering) said that they found that they flipped to the back of the book as the read – exactly what we hoped for!  (HEADS UP JEFF – they asked if book two will have the same memory board idea – we got some thinking to do my friend! ha ha ha!)

This has been such a special experience and I am so glad that we did it to SUPPORT RELAY. I’m posting some pictures so that you can see what a beautiful evening it was!

I want to update a few thoughts here – the next book (shooting for Christmas) Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under will NOT be book two. This is a quick read, stand alone so that I can continue to learn my craft. The second book in the Rock and Roll Trilogy, When I Look to the Sky,  will hopefully be ready for publishing in the February 2013 timeframe. Also, I am only going to update the blog when I have something important to share. I will post little messages and updates on the FB author page, so LIKE me there for updates.

Thank you for believing in me and following me on my journey!

Love, Barbara



hey… hey… hey….

Just a head’s up!

In honor of NaNoWrimo, and the one year anniversary of MY JOURNEY! I have a gift coming soon… AND I’m doing this to help promote Rock and Roll Never Forgets (because the distribution package we used this time is UNCHARTED Territory….) Sweet Surrender will be available for another FREE DOWNLOAD on Nov 1st – Nov 3rd. Please fell free to share this and I will repost again, sooner to the FREE PROMO.

Remember: Nov 1 – Nov 3rd…


Love, Barbara

Another day…

Good morning!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything – been busy, working on lots of projects… to the point that I need an ON/OFF switch on my brain. I started walking each morning a while back thinking it would shut some things down. It kinda sorta but really not so much worked…  🙂  The voices in my head travel with me and then I come home and write down what they told me! ha ha!

I’ve had so many offers to proof the next book that it just tickles me! I know you don’t want to look for typos or mistakes – you just want to know what happens next and I LOVE THAT!!! It’s got me thinking of an idea, but it’s just in the thought stages so far… I’ll keep you posted.

Well, Andy is in my head telling me I’ll never get When I Look to the Sky finished if I keep dorking around, so I must go follow a detour back to the main road to make him happy. I love that man! ha ha ha! There’s also a pair of boots that require attention, so off I go…..

Have a beautiful day…

Under Construction

Good morning all!

I woke up way too early – can’t find an “off-switch” for the thinker…

Anyway, I haven’t done “housekeeping” around here in a while, so I did some updates to the site.

Be well! More soon!

Love, Barbara

Whooo Hoooo! What a ride!!!

I’m off today to meet some of my favorite people for coffee and to share some ROCK AND ROLL with them! Excited for them to FINALLY see the end result!!! I still hold it in my hands and can’t believe that 10 years later I can do that… HOLD A FINISHED BOOK IN MY HANDS…

Whooo Hoooo! What a ride!!!

I’m getting lovely notes back from some who have already finished it and some good feedback on my Amazon page…. very exciting times….

I’ll post some pics (I HOPE) when I return later today.

Have a beautiful day friends who cannot join us at the Oakleaf Panera – if you see this and YOU CAN COME – we’ll be gathering around 8:30

Love, Barbara

Exciting news!

Just a quick note for now…

Rock and Roll Never Forgets is now available on on the following:

Kindle (contains the LOOK INSIDE feature):

Amazon (paperback):

Tower Books (paperback):

CreateSpace (paperback):

Barnes and Nobel (paperback) – Nook SOON! :

Hot Book Sale:

Kobo ebooks (and a preview):

And coming soon to:
Sony ereader
Baker &Taylor

I’ll update when I know more!

Thanks and love, Barbara