Excerpt – my gift to you

I gave you a gift a while back, a sneak peek of Rock and Roll (see blog dated 6/19). I decided to give you another little tease.

The LOOK INSIDE feature should be up on Amazon soon (according to FAQ’s).

Here you go, I hope it makes you want more!

In early October, 1981, Traveler’s tour schedule took them to ‘the Windy City’ for a week, two sold-out shows, and a meeting with Andy and famed writer, Norton Edwards, for an article for Rolling Stone magazine.

As Roddy made arrangements for their meeting, he relayed Andy’s wishes to Norton; he wanted Beth there, but she was off-limits for the interview. The article was on Andy; Beth wasn’t ready for that kind of exposure, and Andy didn’t want her singled out in any way.

After Norton agreed, the plan was for them to meet Tuesday at the Billy Goat Tavern, one of Chicago’s legends, for lunch to start the process.

Norton interviewed many celebs over the years, but this was the first time Andy had agreed to an interview. Meeting at a fun place would make it easier for Beth. The Billy Goat is famous from the Saturday Night Live skits with John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, Loraine Newman and Bill Murray. A driver dropped them at the restaurant and as soon as they were in the door, the fun started.

A big Saturday Night Live fan, Andy walked to the counter and ordered “Cheezborger! Cheezborger! No fries, cheeps! No Pepsi, Coke!” as Beth looked on laughing.

Andy and Norton talked for a long time; Andy was very comfortable talking about himself, his career, the band, even what he wanted to share about his relationship with Beth. She listened intently as Andy told about the early years. He told about his mom making him take piano lessons as a child, and then participating in the choir at church. But it was school that played a key role in developing his passion for music. He joined the school jazz band in junior high school, first playing the drums. It was there that he met Nathan Perry and Dina Miller, who would become Nathan’s wife shortly after high school. That experience progressed into a real love of music that led to guitar. By the time he was in high school he and Nathan were in a ‘garage band’ playing school dances, and he loved it.

After graduation from high school in 1969, Andy and Nathan met Scott Force and they formed the band, Traveler. Nathan, Scott and Andy were the original band, and then Dane Allen and Nigel Rose joined. They played at bars in the Houston area in the early ‘70s. The response was good. They kept busy and developed a huge local following.

In 1974, they won a local bar band competition and the prize was an opportunity to record a song. They wrote a song called “Traveler”, recorded it, and released it to local radio stations only. Word of mouth had the request lines as far away as Tucson requesting them. And that, as Andy said, “was that.” He talked briefly about the parting of Scott Force and Dane Allen and Mark Jones and John Smith’s arrival in their places. He was very positive in his words, nothing negative.

Beth joined the conversation because Andy would include her in questions, more like conversation, but she pretty much “yes’d and no’d” and let Andy do the talking.

Norton watched, curious, when she spoke, intrigued, watching her watch Andy so intently, watching him with so much love, watching her guard fall and her laughter surface. And he wanted to talk to her, but respected Andy’s wishes.


Hee hee!

That’s a tickled-giggle, or as I read on a post by Casey James, a ‘giggle-snort’!
I just looked at my author page on Amazon and I have a Bibliography with TWO BOOKS listed! I’M AN AUTHOR!

Anxiously waiting on MY BOOKS to arrive – I’m informed that TWO people already have their copy!


Have a safe, blessed Labor Day weekend!

Love, Barbara

Pride and Joy – MY BOOK


I keep saying that music is what inspires me, now you know… even in my blogs!

I’ve not been feeling well the last couple of days and I’ve had plenty time to reflect on my latest journey, and now…. I’ve rested so much that I can’t sleep, so I thought I’d corral some of those thoughts and add them here.

I’ve heard that the first book’s been delivered! (LIKE LIKE LOVE!!!) I haven’t received mine yet! But then, I ordered several (and or many)! I AM EXCITED to get feed back!!!! (and nervous and anxious, and oh, just a gazillion other emotions!!!) But the two biggest emotions for me really are… PRIDE AND JOY.

Pride that I did it. I had to be pushed a little because I stopped myself. I had to be pushed some more because it ‘didn’t fit’. Pushed a little harder because I was unsure of myself, because I didn’t write what everyone else writes, but all of that made me stronger and I will wait now to see what’s next… BUT I’M STILL WRITING… Book Two (When I Look To The Sky) is coming along and even when I READ what I’ve written, I see so much growth.

And I feel JOY that those who have read it with me in these last months liked (LOVED) what I had to share and that they can’t wait for more. I can’t either!

I can’t wait to hear more… and I am ready for those who won’t like it, because, as I’ve said before, I’ve read plenty of books that I couldn’t finish, or ‘didn’t get’; it’s taste, and opinion, and not everyone has the same…

My cover designer friend  🙂  shared an article with me from one of his favorite authors and said that the excerpt below made him think of me. I’ve read it over and over and the words in bold really hit home for me. I’ve been told so many things that my book isn’t. Now, I know what it really is…. MY BOOK...

When author Jay Bell was asked, ‘What three pieces of advise would you give an aspiring writer who wants to be published?’ his reply was this: “Don’t take no for an answer. Agents and publishers might join the industry because of a love for books, but at the end of the day, they need to make money. Unfortunately, this means they focus on publishing what they perceive as marketable and profitable. A lot of original voices used to get culled by this process, but now with self-publishing, we all have a chance to be heard. The audience votes with their wallet. Focus on writing the best story you can. If a publisher wants it, great. If not, don’t let that stop you.

I’ll stick with my way…. and I love you for sticking with me.

The LOOK INSIDE feature on Amazon should be up soon, and I’ve uploaded it to a site that is converting to eBook format and will be available on Kindle, Nook, iBooks and several other eReader outlets soon (most say about 4 weeks for availability). I will let you know as I find out when they are ready and where.

Pictures of the cover, front, back and the flat of both are on my photo page if you haven’t seen the finished product yet. (MORE PRIDE AND JOY!) I’m working on some things and will keep you posted.

Thank you again for sharing this incredible experience with me.

Love, Barbara


A quickie…

NOT what you are thinking!

I just wanted to check in to let you know that the speed bump isn’t quite so ominous – there may be an answer – and I’m once again excited – wait… EXCITED!

The proof book checking is in process! One is on the way to someone for a NEW set of eyes, and I’m waiting to meet up with someone else to give it a look over.


Most of the issues are LAYOUT – margins, need to add blank pages, that kind of thing. The corrections/typos/fact checks are minor to what I expected, (SITES or SIGHTS – either would work, but it was the SIGHTS I wanted to see). I have to tell you it’s QUITE different to see it on a page than on the Word document. I was reading last night and all of a sudden THREE words jumped off the page at me in three paragraphs…
‘When they returned…’
Hello???? WHY DIDN’T I SEE THAT BEFORE… But I did, and it’s been changed.

One more update – I am four chapters into the next book… good chapters, written words, not what I call ‘scribbles’.

OK.. I said what I wanted to say and now I must go get to work!

I’ll keep you posted on progress!

Have a beautiful day my friends!

Love, Barbara

Chapter One (A tease)

I said I would share a little bit of R&R – This is all you get – you’ll have to wait for what comes next!


Love, Barbara


Chapter ~ One

September, 29, 2001

Beth lay awake, alone in her thoughts, finally alone. She was on her side, looking around, not really seeing anything but the wall across the room. It was quiet except for the whir of the air conditioning.
It was late afternoon and there was no light on to illuminate the room. From the window she could see outside. The October sky was dusky, the sun was setting below the window level, and the room was gray. She thought about how appropriate the color gray was. There was no black and white now, there was just that place in between. ‘Gray,’ she thought.
She closed her eyes for a moment, allowing her mind to drift away. As it did it took her a million different places, a lifetime of places. She had so much to think about, plans to make… details. She tried to focus, to make her mind think forward, but the past kept flashing in pictures, like fast-moving frames from a slide-show.
She knew what she wanted, what she needed, she just needed a plan to make it happen. As she lay there waiting, thinking about what she needed to do she remembered…

~ ~ ~

Beth Morgan and Kimmy Jones were best friends. They’d known each other for sixteen years. Beth was a twenty-two year old working-girl and part-time student. The two were always looking for fun, and this night they were anxious, about to see their favorite band, ‘up close and personal’.

June 24, 1978 ~ ‘Back stage passes for Traveler! Somebody pinch me!’

The two young-woman stood at the Will-Call at the arena in Orlando waiting; giggling as they watched the crowd shuffling into the arena, excited to see their favorite band, Traveler’s, Timeless Tour. Kimmy’s cousin, Mark Jones, had taken over as drummer for the band a few months ago after a shake-up in their roster. Together they released their first album, Timeless, in March, and were touring. He’d left tickets and back-stage passes for them.

“I can’t even believe we are here!” Beth said excitedly.
“I can’t believe that Mark is in the band!” Kimmy yelled.

Finally, a security guard arrived to escort them to a packed back-stage room; the area where Mark was waiting to introduce them to the band members. The whole idea of him being part of their favorite band was just thrilling. When they arrived, he greeted them with hugs and conversation as the other band members were making their way into the room. Mark introduced them to Nigel Rose, the bass guitarist, Nathan Perry, the keyboardist, and Dane Allen the guitar player. After a few minutes, Mark and Kimmy wandered off to mingle. Beth was talking and laughing with Nathan. She looked up when she saw him, and in a moment, her life was forever changed.

“Slowly I turned…step by step…inch by inch…”

… and finally….

I had it! I knew I had it! I was ready to tackle that thing that eluded me… that thing that caused me grief… but alas… the damn thing jumped back up and got me again! MARTHA! (watch the clip if you want to understand MARTHA!)


I figured out how to get the author name on the odd pages, and it carried through to the end of the book! MARTHA! But the book title – nope… so I deleted and started again and started on the even pages – same thing, title carries through out the book but not the author on the odd… GRRRRRRRR….. I can get one or the other but not both – WTH?


So I’m taking the laptop to see my friend JMac in the AM and see if we can get it right…

If you didn’t see it on facebook I posted something yesterday that brought tears to my eyes. I posted here a while back that I took a book to Melbourne with me and left it at the cemetery for my Mom. Well, I had a message from someone special who went to “visit” Mom and Dad and…

The book was still there! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Gene figured someone would take it, or that the mowing crew would throw it away…

And, without going back and re-reading earlier posts, I can’t remember if I’ve shared the title to book two of the Rock and Roll trilogy with you… I’ve made some progress with When I Look to the Sky while I’m stuck with the header thang!

Enjoy your weekend friends!


Workin’ for the weekend…

Yeah, yeah, yeah….

The job, too…
My goal is to have Rock and Roll ready to send for proof copy by Sunday afternoon….


It’s not the finished book – the story is DONE, and the cover is in the thought process, (I picked a ‘canned cover’ to git’r’done) and I’m gonna have another set of eyes look it over, but I want a copy in my hand so I can look at it in book format and check to see if I missed anything – plus, I CAN’T WAIT TO HOLD THE FIRST PRINTED COPY IN MY HANDS!!!

Next goal is to meet Geno’s timeline wish… to have the book ready to send for finished product printing by my birthday (7/13).



There are a few formatting things that I have to go back and look at Sweet Surrender to see how I did it (‘cuz I’m old and I can’t remember!).

I’m signing off everything for the night… hoping that I can turn my brain off and sleep tonight… Andy has kept me awake… HA!

Thanks for taking the ride with me!

Love, Barbara