The Face in the Mirror



The Face in The Mirror (4/2014)The Face in the Mirror Printable 255 Cream 6x9


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11/24/2013: Just an update ~ the story is compete and in the hands of 5 people who are Beta reading to tell me what they think needs some more attention. After that comes changes and edits and then…. off to the Red Pen Mafia 🙂 When they’re done – changes and corrections will be made and finally – to the editor….. Hoping for Spring 2014. Like the pin says, STAY TUNED!


A month later – 9/28/13 and another tease….

I was up early, showered, and was headed to the kitchen to start the coffee. As I walked by, Mitchell put his leg out from under the covers to stop me from passing by.

“Come here,” he said.
“Geez, Mitchell, now?”
Laughing, he reached for me. “I just wanted to tell you how much I love you.”
I sat on the side of the bed and he pulled me close. He wrapped his arms around me and rolled me on top of him. “How much?” I asked.
“More than any love song can express, more than any thought you can imagine or think. I love you more than every next breath I breathe…”
“Oh my god, Mitchell. You are killing me with these beautiful words.”
“You’re my girl, Renie, always have been, always will be.”



Oh….. just a little tease of things to come…. I’m missing Andy already and decided to sneak in a little Mitchell to distract me…. Don’t get excited – it WON’T BE ANY TIME SOON 🙂

“Why’d you leave me Renie? You never told me why.”

“I think we just spent too much time apart, our jobs,” I said, but I didn’t want to talk.

He rolled me on top of him. Pushing my hair back from my face he said, “I don’t care whether we have another go at that, but I’m not leaving you.”

The response of his body told a different story. He wanted more, and so did I. “I don’t want you to leave.” 

We made love, but we didn’t talk. There was some kind of sound, but I have to believe it was me, moans of ecstasy, or maybe it was Mitchell as his body pleasured mine. I just know it was heaven, and I wanted him to stay there with me forever.

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  1. Ho, ho, ho…….. I won’t be out in time for Christmas I suppose….just a few sentences, e citing

  2. What i love about your books is that the love story feels real!!!!

  3. I will be 100% honest, I have all three books on my kindle, I have heard such amazing things that I bought all three without even reading the first and seeing if I liked it wanted to continue (which is what I normally do), but I know I will love them all. I have not read them as I wanted to wait till all three came out, so I could enjoy the books so much more reading them all together rather than as they came out, I enjoy it more when I read them together and this is one i truly wanted to fully enjoy.

  4. Andrea Evans says:

    What I love most about your books???? ha tough one!! You have believable characters that pull us into their lives as you get watch them grow.

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